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    Re: The Time You Have (in jelly beans)

    Very thought provoking video. One thing I noticed: 2676 days spent watching TV! It seems that is only an average. Well, as for myself I very rarely watch TV; it's only canned entertainment. As for the news, a quick look at BBC News online (say 10 minutes per day) gives me a sufficient overview - and I can't change world events, anyway!

    I reckon that 2676 extra free days can't be bad! How about other people? How could you free up all those hours/days?

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    Re: The Time You Have (in jelly beans)

    Well if they were my jelly beans I'd be a goner now....because I would have eaten the whole lot!! lol

    No does make you stop and think when you see it like that. I don't think I could 'free up' more of my time, but I do like to swap doing one thing for doing another.
    I was watching an interesting video tonight, about "The Bionic Vet", on UK Channel 4 online, then paused it and went for a walk instead. It was a lovely Spring night, with a red moon just rising, owls calling, etc
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