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    Member Logic Puzzle

    Here is a fun game where I list clues about the usernames of 5 members and you all have to guess which ones they are-
    1. A zoo name and an area code
    2. A Winnie the Pooh character and a chelonian
    3. "To" and a two-letter word- the first two letters in a "two-wheeled vehicle controlled by pedaling"
    4. A medieval man and an ancient name for an island
    5. "Silent but something" and "shadows"

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    Re: Member Logic Puzzle

    It has been 3.5 months and no one cares about this thread.
    #1- ColumbusZoo614
    #2- TiggerTurtle
    #3- Tobi
    #4- KnightAlbion
    #5- DeadlyShadows

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    Re: Member Logic Puzzle

    Thank you for giving the answers. I'm afraid most members are busy discussing animal welfare issues.



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