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    Re: Dog peeing in house since new puppy added to the family

    Thank you, Knight, for your insight. Sadly, she is not able to let them interact much unless her husband is home because she is afraid that the first dog, Bentley, will seriously harm the puppy. Bentley is aggressive with humans too.

    Quote Originally Posted by knightofalbion View Post
    Yes, the older dog feels 'threatened' by the arrival of the new dog and is marking his territory to reaffirm his claim.

    I think getting them to interact through play would help break down barriers.

    They should be alright once the dogs have got used to each other and sorted out a pecking order between them.

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    Re: Dog peeing in house since new puppy added to the family

    I would agree with Knightofalbion, that play together would normally would walking together (with a respected human in charge.)
    But if there are sensible fears for the puppy's safety, then I can understand why not at this stage.

    It is true that dogs can and do pick up on our emotions, including any feelings of fear or insecurity. However the pup must be safe.

    I honestly think that consulting a dog behaviourist might be the best way to go. But I have no idea what the fee might be, It would be worth it for some good advice, though, and to invest in a happy home and safe future for both dogs.



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