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    Question lump on my chinchilla chest

    I noticed when I was holding my chinchilla tonight he had a bald lump on his chest. Do you think it could be a tumor or is it part of a chinchilla getting old? thank you for your help :)

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    Re: lump on my chinchilla chest

    Lumps and bumps are always a concern in our pets, and although the first thing most people think of is cancer, it is reasonably unlikely for a 2 month old baby. The most common cause for a bump is an infection or abscess. Is he your only chinchilla or do you have a pair?

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    Re: lump on my chinchilla chest

    I just googled "bald lump on chinchilla" and found lots of links/discussions. This problem seems to be common. I suggest that you do a search yourself and follow up the links.

    However, as always, if the condition continues or worsens after trying what they mention, then it would be wise to seek a vet's opinion. Please keep us informed.



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