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    Help for Animals

    Dear friends & those, who aren’t indifferent to animals & who can help. The animal shelter “Vernost” is currently encountering difficulties. It has large amounts of debts before vet clinics. Funds are needed for treatments & medicines. Many animals are in an extremely critical condition, they need food & shelter. Our greatest wish is that the animal shelter will be expanded, & an annex will be made to accommodate more animals waiting for humans. We reside in Siberia. There are very cold winters. Sometimes temperature falls below -40 degrees. Many cats & dogs are unable to overcome such difficulties, they just die. We do our best to protect animals from such killers. Often people take animals which have nowhere else to go to their houses & keep them for some time because the shelter is full. That is why we want to expand our territory in order to give a chance of survival to much more number of animals. These small creatures mustn’t be blamed for that they were born in streets or that they were abandoned by their owners. They mustn’t be blamed for severe climatic conditions. They need your support and help.
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    Re: Help for Animals

    Welcome to the forum! That is great work which you are doing to help those poor animals.

    Any member wishing to help can contact Nikolay333 via the PM (personal message) facility on this website.

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    Re: Help for Animals

    Great work. We all can Start a Neighborhood Watch Program. Get to know the animals in your neighborhood and invite your friends and neighbors to do the same. Together you can keep an eye out for any suspicious behaviors—abuse and neglect of companion animals, the mistreatment of local wildlife, dogs left in hot cars and other signs of abuse.



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