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Thread: Snake attack

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    Snake attack

    I treat snakes with great fear. However, I was surprised to read a little article about some families, which tame even poisonous snakes. And then I read about the case in the toilet, where the woman was the victim of a Snake attack. (Link deleted - horrific photos on page). By the way, at this address there are many descriptions of such cases. So how then can I not be afraid these snakes? How do you feel about snakes?
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    Re: Snake attack

    Welcome to the forum! Please pass by the introduction section to say hello to members and tell us about yourself and your pets.

    Kindly note that I have deleted the link in this, your first thread. This was for two reasons:
    Some of the photos on the page were too horrific for our forum to link to (e.g. a man swallowing razor blades), as we sometimes have young people visit;
    New members are not allowed to put links into their posts. (You need to make a good number of posts before links are normally allowed).

    Please also note that I have deleted your other, identical thread. Duplicate posts are not allowed and against forum rules.

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    Re: Snake attack

    Welcome to the forum, dear Tanden.

    I've got nothing against snakes. They don't bother me, and they've as much right to be here as you or I.
    All this talk of religion, but it's how you live your life that is the all-important thing.
    If you set out each day to do all the goodness and kindness that you can, and to do no harm to man or beast, then you are walking the highest path.
    And when your time is up, if you can leave the earth a better place than you found it, then yours will have been a life well lived.

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    Re: Snake attack

    I quite agree, Knight! Tanden, do you fear all snakes, even harmless ones? If that is the case, and your fear is very great, then it might be an idea to seek help with this. Or perhaps it was the webpage you looked at (that was the link which I had to delete) which alarmed you.

    If it is only poisonous snakes which you fear, then I can fully understand. They are to be treated with caution and respect. If you go into an area where there are deadly snakes (I don't know where you live), then taking precautions - such as wearing sturdy shoes and clothing and keeping to cleared paths and tracks - will help, as well as being vigilant. Even poisonous snakes do not normally attack unless disturbed. As Knight has pointed out, they have the same right to exist as we have.

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    Re: Snake attack

    Quote Originally Posted by LPC View Post
    Even poisonous snakes do not normally attack unless disturbed.
    But I read somewhere that cobras are exceptions: They will attack unprovoked.

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    Re: Snake attack

    Luckily there are no snakes where i live, i couldn't go hiking if there was a chance i might stumble upon one.. Yikes
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