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    Re: Please help with my dog walking questionnaire

    Well, I have had dogs much of my life (not currently) - and I'm not surprised by your results. I don't think difference of country (provided it is one where dogs are accepted widely) matters that much.

    As for online booking, I find your results as one would expect. Very few people would book dog walking online, without knowing who the dog walker is first and checking the provider out thoroughly. (The same would apply with babysitting, I would imagine).

    Thank you for keeping us up to date on the results. Every best wish to you!

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    Re: Please help with my dog walking questionnaire

    Thank you LPC. I've been constructing my own website and I built in a contact page, along with links to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, because I thought people liked to book on line. If they don't, it will suit me fine, because I am not a fan of social media anyway.

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    Re: Please help with my dog walking questionnaire

    Dog Ears, once your website is ready, don't forget to put your homepage into your profile (that's perfectly OK for you - but not for spammers!). If you continue to post regularly on this forum, as your service is targetted at helping pets and their caretakers, once you have made enough posts you can put a link in your signature, too. I won't state publicly how many posts are necessary for a link in your signature, as we have to watch constantly for spammers (which you definitely are not). Feel free to contact me by PM if you wish.

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    Re: Please help with my dog walking questionnaire

    ^ That's very kind, LPC. I will PM you when the site is nearing completion. I completely understand the spam situation. I think the site will take me some time to construct and to trial. At the moment, my sticking point is finding a suitable vehicle.

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    Re: Please help with my dog walking questionnaire

    Ah and I was just about to fill it in, sorry about that I've only just joined. Good luck with the new venture!

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    Re: Please help with my dog walking questionnaire

    Yes, sorry, it is free software so they limit the number of responses. However, I received a lot and a clear pattern emerged. Welcome to the forum.

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    Re: Please help with my dog walking questionnaire

    Good luck mate
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    Re: Please help with my dog walking questionnaire

    I wish you well in your new venture, Dog Ears.

    I would have been extremely careful about who walked/ 'dog-sat' my dog. I would definitely have needed to see quite a few references and would not have booked online (initially at least)-no matter what. I would have wanted to meet the person face-to-face. As it's a new venture I can see that references may be rather hard to find until you build up a clientele. But I would have considered a dog walker if they could provide character references which could be checked out.
    I would have taken it just as seriously as if I were booking a child minder.



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