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    Found a lorikeet, need help

    Hey guys
    Driving down the street I spotted a lorikeet hopping along the gutter that didn't move when I drove fairly close by. So i pulled over and went over to have a look. The lory at first moved away and then tried to fly, at this point I noticed that the flight and tail feathers were missing and the bird only managed waist height before hitting the dirt. So after catching the bird and losing a piece of my thumb, I now have a flightless lorikeet in an acceptably sized cage at my house.
    I don't know if this was someones pet, It definitely didn't like being handled, but the feathers look clipped... I'm not sure. This makes me think that maybe I shouldn't re-release it. It looks healthy and clean, I'm am just concerned about it being flightless, and possibly releasing a domesticated bird. What do you think i should do?
    Few other questions, how can I identify its sex and age?
    What would a wild lorikeet be eating?

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    Re: Found a lorikeet, need help

    Firstly, welcome to the forum! Please pass by the introductions section to say hello to members and tell them a little about yourself and your pets.

    Kindly note that I have deleted your second, duplicate thread. New members are subject to moderation (to prevent spam), so that was why your thread did not appear immediately.

    Regarding your questions, it is difficult to give a straight answer. You say that "the feathers looked clipped". Have you looked very closely, perhaps even with a magnifying glass? This should settle whether the wings have definitely been clipped (in which case it is an escaped pet) or have fallen out (probably a wild bird in poor health). The fact that he objected to you (a stranger in the street) grabbing him does not mean that he is necessarily wild.

    Is he happy with you? Is he eating well, or pining? That should give you an indicator of whether to keep him, or not. You should also check the local press and internet sites for lost pets, to check whether he has been reported as lost. Have you looked carefully to see if he has any identification rings or marks?

    If he cannot fly, then his ability to survive in the wild is limited. So if he is eating and you get on well together now, then after checking sources for lost pets, then perhaps you were meant for each other.

    Just as a precaution, as you were bitten by the lorikeet, it might be wise to get the wound checked by a doctor. Psittacosis is extremely rare, but it is wise to have the bite checked out.

    Regarding sexing a bird of the lorikeet family, DNA testing is the only reliable option. It is not as expensive as you might think. See

    Regarding estimation of age and what to feed, here is an excellent page for you: (Make sure to read down all the page!)

    Please come back and let us know how things go. Every best wish to you!
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