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    Dog acting scared

    Hi, My dog has been acting scared for around a month, almost every night. It starts around 9pm and it lasts a few hours. She runs off her bed and hides in the shower or under the table. Sometimes she hides and others she seems to be very scared and alert, panting, ears and hair up. THeres no planes, no computer noises or any other noises that we have been able to identify when it happens. We moved to this new house about 2 months ago. THis never happened in the old house. Any ideas? I hate seeing her distressed. Thank you.

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    Re: Dog acting scared

    Firstly, a warm welcome to the forum! Please pass by the introductions section to tell us more about yourself and your pets, as well as continuing on this thread.

    The circumstances you describe are certainly very unusual. Your post states that this problem occurs only at about 21H (9pm) and not during the day time. Therefore, logically something is happening at this time of the evening which isn't present at other times.

    On a practical level, it is worth remembering that dogs can hear frequencies much higher than a human can. Perhaps a neighbour comes home in the evening and puts on some sort of transmitter or apparatus which emits a high frequency? Or perhaps you have a neighbour who doesn't like dogs barking and has installed an anti-barking high frequency device? You can research these subjects on the net if you don't know about them. Some can be powerful enough to go through solid walls or windows. Has a neighbour complained at any time about your dog (or other people's dogs) barking?

    If the above suggestions do not apply (those need checking first very carefully, though!), then perhaps the fact that you dog only behaves like this in your new house could mean that there is some metaphysical cause at play. It is worth checking whether any being (not just human; it could a be a pet) used to live in the property and passed over there. Your neighbours or previous occupants should know. Occasionally a being remains in the etheric body instead of moving on (a phenomenon often crudely called a "ghost").

    I hope that the above suggestions help you. Please come back to let us know what you find out.
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    Re: Dog acting scared

    We all recognize a tucked tail as a doggy stress signal. But your dog has many other ways to say that he's uncomfortable – and you may not be familiar with all of them. Great source!

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    Re: Dog acting scared

    How very strange! Do you have close neighbours? Or have a shared wall with a neighbour? Maybe they watch certain things on television at certain times, and there are sounds which might upset him -such as screaming, or sirens...or even people shouting at each other as in many Soaps? Dogs can have their own particular sounds which they dislike (my dog used to HATE the sound of kindling sticks burning in the fireplace -for example -which a previous dog of mine didn't worry about at all!)

    I agree with the idea that it might be some electronic noise which upsets him -maybe something on a timer somewhere close by? Believe me, some of those electronic devices are horrible. I can hear them myself sometimes and they are not pleasant.

    Is there a bus or train which goes by at that time....or even a helicopter, which didn't happen in the old place? Helicopters we take for granted, but they can vibrate the air around you!

    Or (knowing how dogs can all be upset by different things) -do you have in your house, some timer device for anything (heating, fridge etc) which may come on at that time?

    Dogs' hearing is far more acute than humans', and they will be able to pick up sounds and vibrations which many humans can't.

    The best thing I can suggest is to change the subject! Maybe around this time of night you could give him something else to think about -such as a short break outside (with you) and then coming back for a treat? Or watch videos of Squirrels! That often works to cheer them up! LOL
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    Re: Dog acting scared

    As you said you just moved into new house so she might be feeling uncomfortable with the surrounding, just give some and be patient she will adjust herself after some time.If nothing improves consult some dog psychiatrist.

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    Re: Dog acting scared

    This could be to do with background noise.

    I work from home and I have music on all day. I think this has made my dogs unused to outdoor noises as they always have music covering them up. When the music goes off the bark at noises from outside and one dog is very scared if the wind is howling (pun not intended) around the house.

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    Re: Dog acting scared

    Probably just taking time to acclimatize before settling inn, try to re assure her that everything will be okay, give her comfort and attention during this time.

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    Re: Dog acting scared

    I agree with @manishsqrt, you just moved in your new house. So I think your dog is still uncomfortable on his new place. May in 2-3 months your dog will be okay. :)

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    Re: Dog acting scared

    Maybe your dog is still uncomfortable with your new house. He is still needs more care and attention at this time until he will be fine and comfortable.

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    Re: Dog acting scared

    Your dog may have a had a recent scare maybe attacked by a cat or heard strange noises from outside.



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