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    Imagine if you...

    Imagine if you one time would not buy that really good looking chocolate bar with an amazing taste and because of that had a free 5$.
    How do you think, to what good cause could you spend them?

    I want you to share your ideas on how you could spend just 5$ in a way that would make you proud and as well answer a question, can 5$ be meaningful enough for anyone?

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    Re: Imagine if you...

    So what does this have to do with Animal Forum????? This is a forum about ANIMALS.... I will determine after your answer weather or not to delete this post.....

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    Re: Imagine if you...

    It depends how you think. My questions are rethorical, so they are also about animals, iff you spend this money towards animal charity.

    In animal shelter you can save 1 dogs life for a day. Isn't that worth 5$? And isnt that quite surprising? Amount so little to you can give so much to a dog?

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    Re: Imagine if you...

    David: I have checked out Meitene_007's profile and there is a link there to her fundraising campaign on Indiegogo for animal shelters in Latvia. I have also researched her e-mail address on Google and it leads to her Facebook, with a similar link. This the appeal:

    Meitene_007, if I am honest you made a mistake by making your first post on this forum some sort of vague question, with no obvious connection to animals. I can see why David responded as he did, and I would have probably have done the same. Most new members go to the introduction section of the forum and introduce themselves first and mention what pets they have and what animal interests they have. I suggest that you do that first. It is the sociable thing to do.

    I wish you well with your appeal. Members who are interested in your appeal can visit the link I have given in the first paragraph of this post. However, as always, members are advised to satisfy themselves of the genuineness of any appeal - by making suitable enquiries - before making any donation.
    Last edited by LPC; 12-19-2014 at 03:05 AM.

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    Re: Imagine if you...

    Thanks, @LPC for clarifying my initiative. It's just that I don't like to provide link to my initiative in a simple way. I want people who are interested in helping and funding, to make their own choice, without pushing them. And also one other thing... I started this topic because I am interested in charities, but I am also interested in people (with animals - dogs, cats, horses, etc.) opinions about charities.
    I am trying to kind of make a profile of what should an animal campaign look like, how detailed it has to be, what characteristics it has to show for people to be interested in them.

    Please share your thoughts if you have participated in any animal supporting campaigns and why you participated?
    If you did participate, where there things you did not like (like not seeing where the money goes etc.)?

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    Re: Imagine if you...

    I can only speak for myself, but I only donate direct to animal charities (or any other charity) where I can be certain where the money actually goes - for example, a charity with its own website, with its own address, telephone number and website. From time to time private individuals start up a campaign, but the money goes via some third-party website and the person getting the money is not always identified (it is some pseudonym). I treat such private appeals with suspicion, I'm afraid, as the person could pocket the money and never pass it on to the organisation as promised.

    On another animal forum, there were several suspicious private appeals which originated from individuals in Romania. When members went to the payment page, the transfers were going to be into the private PayPal account of a different individual than that named on the appeal. So they aborted payment.

    Please do not misunderstand me. I am not saying that applies in your case. But I only donate direct to charities, not via an individual. I hope that this answers your question.

    Kindly note that this forum is for specific discussion of animals and their welfare, not for generalised discussion about charities and criteria for donations.
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    Re: Imagine if you...

    Sorry, if this discussion is something not suited for this forum, I just thought that animal charities are still about animals (that's how I see them and what they are) and I don't see any harm if other people also share their opinions. But of course, if it's against the rules, I'l stop replying here.

    About your thought. I fully agree that it is a risk to donate to a campaign, when you don't know the person and don't know if money will really go to the right "destination".
    And probably looking from other peoples view, it still looks risky to support my campaign. Altough I have tried to give as detailed information as I could (links to animal shelter, link to my facebook profile). But I know that I am not an owner of youtube channel or a recognised face, so it is very hard. But I have already raised a small bit. I was really surprised, when my favorite youtube horse channel owner Missy Wrin donated. If you have a horse, it's the best place to look for instructions on how to coumunicate with a horse and how to become it's leader.

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    Re: Imagine if you...

    Of course, there is no problem discussing charity fundraising here - if it is limited to animal charities. I have looked at your Facebook. I have no doubt that you are genuine and are doing your best to help animals. Many blessings to you for your concern!

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    Re: Imagine if you...

    Thanks! I still have ~25 days to give the word out and although I know that It's quite impossible to reach my goal, every dollar raised, will be additional help to the 3 mentioned animal shelters.
    I have though through my campaign and at first I wanted to make it as a surprise to the shelters (New Year gift), but now I probably will contact them and inform about my initiative. Maybe they can give some advice. But as far as I know, they have not tried to use any of the fundraising programs, so it will be also educational and maybe afterwards they can also try something like this from their point of view. As you, LPC, already said, then it would be from their direct website, with all the information. But, there is also this thing, that all these animal shelters have websites in Latvian and they would have to think about it, before giving out a word about any campaigns. :)

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    Re: Imagine if you...

    Regarding the websites being in Latvian, these days there is Google Translate, which is far from perfect but gives a good idea of what is written. Perhaps they should consider having their home page, also their donation page, in English as well. As your English is so good, you could help the shelters with the translation. I'm sure that they would be very grateful.

    I have sent you a private message regarding trying to send a donation.



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