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    Dogs and cats and beds......

    I found this on the net. It just illustrates in an amusing way the age-old rivalry between dog and cat about getting the best pet bed in the house!
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    Re: Dogs and cats and beds......

    They look so cute and the dog just being nice to the cat and showings his care. I love your video

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    Re: Dogs and cats and beds......

    Good find LPC! I should have had a video going with my dog trying to get her bed back from our Noel (the coolest cat I know) ... Gracie, our dog, would use the come up to me and look quickly back to the cat and then back to I many times, until I finally got the message to remove the cat from Gracie's bed, please! too funny. Who says they can't communicate?

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    Re: Dogs and cats and beds......

    This has to be my favourite 'dogs versus cats' video. Thanks LPC!

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    Re: Dogs and cats and beds......

    oohh their very cute :)

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    Re: Dogs and cats and beds......

    And that is one of my own videos with my pets sharing dog's bed.

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    Re: Dogs and cats and beds......

    Another great video. Thanks for posting it, Polonus.

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    Re: Dogs and cats and beds......

    Awesome video.

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    Re: Dogs and cats and beds...... cute!!!!very nice video. my little doggy just loves her bed. She never wants anyone to sleep on her bed. She has so many types of luxury dog beds. Mostly she likes her pink slipper bed. Recently I saw a beautiful blue burger bed from Posh Puppy Boutique online store. Hope she will like her new bed in this new year.

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    Re: Dogs and cats and beds......

    How do we know its revelry and not dogs having respect for cats? Just wondering



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