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    Re: The Healing Power of Animals

    its knowing how loyal they are too you too, and knowing how much they love you. no matter what you do your pets will always be by your side supporting you.

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    Re: The Healing Power of Animals

    Yup agree with this 100%. I just started a new job and they allow us to bring our dogs into the office. I came in the other day and was greeted by 2 big labradors. Easily the highlight of my week!

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    Re: The Healing Power of Animals

    When I see my dogs it makes me really happy. It heals my stress and headaches.

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    Re: The Healing Power of Animals

    I know personally that my cats have kept me company and given me love, even in the darkest times. The healing power of animals is also a new field of research. I have heard of a new initiative called HABRI - Human Animal Bond Research Institute - which is studying this very thing. But most of us pet lovers already knew this! ;)

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    Re: The Healing Power of Animals

    It's because they love us, and we know without a doubt, that they do. For richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health.....etc
    Plus they make us smile. They make us play frisbee in 10 degrees below zero, they make us go for long walks. On those walks we do not talk about future or past, or about politics, business, or money. They get us to think about the texture of 'dog-sticks' and the smell of grass, and nothing much else. They make us think about them, instead of just ourselves. Humour is not wasted on them, and they make good alarm-clocks. Sometimes they make us eat apples, by subtle telepathy! This is outright mind-control manipulation, usually ending with a bite of apple being put on the floor.
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    Re: The Healing Power of Animals

    Great post Tobi!

    Another way of saying that is they teach us to live in the present moment, just appreciating the here and now.

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    Re: The Healing Power of Animals

    Animals are beautiful creatures of God and highly inspirational. I particularly love movies, documentaries, books and what have you on animals.

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    Re: The Healing Power of Animals

    Healing Power of Animals is true! I fell myself better every time I stroke my cat.



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