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Thread: what is he

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    what is he

    what kind of dog do you think he is ive had him for about 3 months and im not really sure what kind of dog he is.
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    Re: what is he

    Firstly, welcome to the forum! I will answer this thread, as you created an almost identical one on the same section of this forum. I have deleted the other copy.

    I agree with what the shelter told you, he is probably a labrador cross, or at least a mongrel (cross-breed) with a little labrador somewhere in the background. David will hopefully drop by soon and he will give you his opinion. A very attractive dog you have there!

    Best wishes to you and your lovely dog!

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    Re: what is he

    A very warm welcome to the forum, dear Tribby.

    What a lovely dog!
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    Re: what is he

    Huge Welcome to the forum Tribby - First you must tell me about what he weighs and how old is he, judging by what he is standing by (the couch) I would guess 30 to 35 pounds. He looks to have Boston Terrier coloring and feet and legs.... but that head of his and ears look to be Labrador. Wow he is a great looking dog and seems to have a really nice demeanor.

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    Re: what is he

    I would say lab/pit bull cross. Gorgeous black and white markings almost like a border collie.



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