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    Re: Your favourite dog breed?

    Hello everybody, i would like to share my opinion about samoyeds, beside that they are ancient breed, they are probably brightest spitz breed, good natured, they love to go for long walks, the only thing that is "bad" is that they bark a lot, realy sensitive breed, but therefore, they make a great guarding dog!

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    Re: Your favourite dog breed?

    I have two babies Dose (Toy poodle) and Thomaz (Belgain dog) and both are my favorite breed.

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    Re: Your favourite dog breed?

    May favourite dog breed is Greenland dog. Its a descendant of the Nordic dog. I wanted to give her the best since she is pregnant so I feed her the best dog food. Its called Råfôr. Its a large amount of meat with some processed raw materials.

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    Re: Your favourite dog breed?

    My life has changed from bitter to better because my a dog. My first dog teach me on how to become responsible and how to enjoy life. My favourite breed is Toy Poodle. Today I have 3 toy poodle named Jirachi, Pikachu and Absol.
    Every dogs deserves a shelter, not every shelter deserves a dog.

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    Re: Your favourite dog breed?

    My favorite is beagle and Siberian Husky

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    Re: Your favourite dog breed?

    My favourite dog is Beagle. They are cute and clean.
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    Re: Your favourite dog breed?

    Flatcoated Retrievers. They are positive, full of energy, and young at heart. It's the perfect dog for active people.
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    Re: Your favourite dog breed?

    I love all dogs but I love my dobies. They are so loyal and loving.
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    Re: Your favourite dog breed?

    German Shepherd ..

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    Re: Your favourite dog breed?

    I love the German Shepherd breed. These dogs are loving and loyal.



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