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    Re: Your favourite dog breed?

    I agree with Happy. Golden retrievers are so beautiful and gentle, though I have never had one. My ex husband always had to have black labradors, for a hunting dog.

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    Re: Your favourite dog breed?

    I have always liked Golden Retrievers and black Labs too. Great dogs.

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    Re: Your favourite dog breed?

    Nice topic :)

    I am a very big fan of afghan hounds but it would probably not be the right dog for my lifestyle if ever I decide to get one.

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    Re: Your favourite dog breed?

    My favorite is dalmation. i Like there black spots and they are also innocent by nature generally.

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    Re: Your favourite dog breed?

    Lurchers - scruffy, majestic, humble and fast. And they love their beds :)

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    Re: Your favourite dog breed?

    I was always partial to hounds myself; scent hounds, sight hounds, scent/sight hounds. Specifically Beagles, because Beagles can be awesome dogs if you put work into them, and they can be awful hounds from hell if you don't. I love that about them. You can tell a bad beagle owner by their beagle

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    Re: Your favourite dog breed?

    I've always loved Labradors - I had a Fake one once - Our first dog, she was mixed but had quite a bit of Black Lab in her. She weighed about 75 pounds and was a super dog! Growing up with cats she was our first dog that we ever had. I immediately became a dog lover after enjoying her for almost 17 years! Gracie our next dog is Blue Heeler/Black Spaniel Mix (as shown in my profile pic) and she is perfect for us. Now going on 11 years with her. She weighs about 35 pounds.

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    Re: Your favourite dog breed?

    @ Lurcher - haha Our Gracie loves her beds also! When we bring a new bed home it's like Christmas to her. You can see and sense the Joy that bursts out of her. Is that a picture of your dog? Looks really cool!!!!

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    Re: Your favourite dog breed?

    My favarite dog breed is becgie, but i don't enought qualify. instead of, i feed a hybrid dog like that

    Everyone can see in here:

    P/s: My english speaking is not fluent, sr :P

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    Re: Your favourite dog breed?

    I can't say I have a specific favorite breed as I like several big dog breeds and a couple of small dog breeds. For the big dogs I love Akita's, German Shepherd's and Collie's. For the small dog breeds I like Chihuahua's and Mini Pincher's

    I tend to lean towards the dogs that don't take much care in the grooming side of things, run a brush through them once in awhile and their good lol Maybe that comes from growing up in a house where my parents loved poodles and had to clip them all the time



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