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    Your favourite dog breed?

    I hope that there is no thread like this yet on the forum :)

    Please share with us what breed do you like most?
    Website about police dogs :) there will be more content soon!

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    Re: Your favourite dog breed?

    German Shepherd ... Loyal, loving and brave.
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    Re: Your favourite dog breed?

    Golden Retrievers - they are very beautiful dogs. They are intelligent, devoted, obedient and have friendly temperament. Makes a wonderful family pet.

    What is your favorite Mermac?

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    Re: Your favourite dog breed?

    My favourite breed is the Border Collie, although I have never had one. I love watching their skills as sheepdogs.

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    Re: Your favourite dog breed?

    Cavapoo (Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and Poodle mix) is my favorite breed of dog and they are not only my favorite, they also my dream dog to have.

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    Re: Your favourite dog breed?

    I really love the Border Collie because they are medium sized, energetic working dog. Its body is slightly longer than it is tall. The relatively flat skull is moderate in width.

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    Re: Your favourite dog breed?

    my favorite is doberman

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    Re: Your favourite dog breed?

    My favourite dog breed is pit bull.

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    Re: Your favourite dog breed?

    I love dogs.. But mostly in my town have Doberman Pinscher. Its the number one choice in our place :)

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    Re: Your favourite dog breed?

    My list:
    German Shepherds (the first dog I ever knew was a GSD)
    Border Collies (skilled,incredibly obedient. fiercely loyal, hard working, SO intelligent)
    Cocker Spaniels (I never knew any dog -except maybe a Border Collie -with so much love of life and energy! And such lovely natures.)
    Dobermanns (I only knew a few in my life, but the ones I knew were lovely dogs.)
    Greyhounds because they are just beautiful sweet dogs.

    But best of all I like mutts. Cross-breeds. All sorts mixed up! I have never met one I didn't like. The ones I have known have had superb characters.



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