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Thread: Bengal Cats

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    Bengal Cats

    Does anybody own a Bengal Cat? They look like leopards. Bengals result from crossing a domestic feline with an Asian leopard cat. They are very active and cost $1,000 or more depending on quality and age.

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    Re: Bengal Cats

    Hmmmm.... I cannot own one then... mainly because of that $1000 price tag. har! They sure are a cool looking cat!!!

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    Re: Bengal Cats

    I like the first photo because the Bengal Cats looks so beautiful and adorable. I'm sure all pet lover will like this cat.

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    Re: Bengal Cats

    Beautiful cats. I can certainly see the appeal, though a $1,000? ....
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    Re: Bengal Cats

    I don't own a Bengal but I've done tons of research on them and Servals as well. These are not your typical lap cat, they are highly active and need to be taken for walks on leash daily come rain or shine. They are destructive because of their energy level but they are beautiful cats! More for show then for pet purposes.

    There are levels you can purchase such as F1, F2 or F3's. These are the stages of how close to the wild ancestor the cat is, F1 being half wild cat/half domestic and the wild cat gets less in F2's and F3's. They are expensive because of all the work put into the parents and kittens not to mention they eat quite a bit more then a normal house cat because of their size

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    Re: Bengal Cats

    First cat is so lovely and beautiful. Thanks @Brooks for the pictures.
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