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    Re: Seal playing with divers !

    That's a cool video. The diver made a new friend.

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    Re: Seal playing with divers !

    awsome video . Thanks for sharing

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    Re: Seal playing with divers !

    Is that a captive seal?
    Adam Purcell
    Basic Biology

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    Re: Seal playing with divers !

    Good question! The person who started the thread hasn't returned since March this year. But judging by the video, it is unlikely that if they were in a tank the swimmer would wear breathing apparatus. Also, there are places on the video where it certainly seems that it was filmed in the sea. I suppose they could have taken a captive seal to the sea, but it is unlikely.

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    Re: Seal playing with divers !

    Yea it just sort of looked like it may have been when the seal surfaced around 1:50 in the video, but it might just be a pier or something.
    Adam Purcell
    Basic Biology

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    Re: Seal playing with divers !

    It seems to me that the seal was trying to eat the diver thinking him a big fish. What language is that? German?

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    Re: Seal playing with divers !

    The language is Dutch. On looking at the video again, you could be right. It does look like the dolphin is trying to bite the diver - but not very aggressively. Possibly it was play biting.



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