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    Dog in a new home with a cat

    Hello and welcome fellow animal lovers

    I have a question which i am hoping you can help me with. Recently my family adopted a dog, it is a cross of bulldog and boxer and he is about 14 months old. He is coming from and environment when he was running around all day in open space and did not had contact with many people or outside world. At first he was afraid of everything and taking him to town was a real job as he would lay down at a sound of a car or even if someone would make a sudden noise nearby. He does not have any aggression from what we can see and does not chase or growl on other animals. And here is the big question, we also have a male cat which is around 12 months old and they are getting bit closer every day, they pass each other without bigger problems but did not had any close contact like sniffing each other and such and also the dog seem a bit scared of the cat as his tail will be under during the meetings with him. Do you think they will get on well or should we worry that dog may suddenly attack? We do not have any experience like this and would really like to avoid any problems as we love all our animals equally and want no harm to any of them. Please let me know what you think of this situation.

    thank you in advance for your time

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    Re: Dog in a new home with a cat

    First thing - I for one am glad you took the boxer in. Good for you doing that! I'm no dog whisperer but I'm thinking that if the dog did not go after the cat right away then you may be ok. Just show this dog love and and in time they may become friends. But be sure to always watch the animals when they are close to each other so nothing bad happens. I would not leave them unsupervised with each other until you feel confident that they get along.

    I have a dog and a cat and they tolerate each other. The cat seems it wants to make friends with the dog but Gracie does not care at all about the cat. She knows that we do not want her to hurt the cat so she owns up and tolerates the cat for our sake. In fact when the cat takes over the dog's bed, Gracie comes over to me and lets me know that I should take the cat out of her bed so she can use it. It's a funny thing to watch. The cat would sleep with the dog but the dog will have no part in that. lol....

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    Re: Dog in a new home with a cat

    Well , as I can see your problem, your are actually worried about nothing so big matter. There is not any considerable point of thinking. It may be a common nature that an animal is sharing with another animal. Let it be as it is.

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    Re: Dog in a new home with a cat

    The cat will get over it.

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    Re: Dog in a new home with a cat

    I agree with Happy, the cat will adapt.

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    Re: Dog in a new home with a cat

    I have a dog and two cats and they live together with no problems. Dog (a boy) and one cat (also boy) even though don't sleep together or cuddle are best friends whereas it's the cat girl who rules the house ;) If they didn't jump at each other with teeth and claws then you should be fine and they should become the best of friends.



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