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Thread: Cat Whisperer

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    Lightbulb Cat Whisperer

    Has anyone heard about the Cat Whisperer and his proclaimed skill? What are your thoughts?

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    Re: Cat Whisperer

    I've seen the show a few times. It was interesting and I enjoyed watching it, but really will a cat let you read it's mind! hahaha... From what I see the cat whisperer deals with problem cats. I have a cat and she is her own master, but she is a good house cat, She was an outdoor cat for 9 years of her life..... now that she is indoors she wants no part anymore with going outside anymore. She will look outside but when you open the door she just has no interest.

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    Re: Cat Whisperer

    The behaviour of any animal can be modifiied, with the right approach. The problem is knowing the right approach - not so simple in the case of cats, which are usually quite independent beings. But the cat whisperer seems to have lots of good ideas for modifying unsocial and aggressive behaviour in cats.



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