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    Problem with pets?

    Hello everybody,
    We generally face problem regarding pet food and pet friendly hotel while we travel with pets.Share solution to away from these kind of problem specially about food problem.

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    Re: Problem with pets?

    When traveling with any animal I always take everything my pet will need with them. Toys, food etc etc. Yes I do pack as little as possible but it's best to be prepared! My pets have their own separate suit cases HAHA If at all possible plan your route before hand and do some research on pet friendly hotels/motels so you know where you can stay

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    Re: Problem with pets?

    Same here @Aleshia :-) When I travel with my beloved animals, They have their own suitcases that are ready by me. I also prepared all pet related things like food, leashes, toys, bed. They are really very happy to come along with me or travel somewhere. @Jessewills This is not a big problem. The first thing is that you make sure where are you going and find some comfortable hotels / motels. Choose from one. That's all!!!

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    Re: Problem with pets?

    I completely agree with the others posts. It's all about preparation. Making sure you have food, toys and leashes packed and ready before leaving can really help.

    You could even prepack their food into smaller contains. It depends how much planning you want to do, but you could measure out the exact amount you are going to need so you don't have to carry excess around with you on holiday. This could be into smaller plastic bags or just into one, smaller container.

    In regards to accommodation, Aleisha is spot on. Search for pet-friendly accommodations around where you wanted to travel before leaving. This will give you an idea of the best places or areas to stay. If you are struggling to find accomodation you may have to look at staying in slightly different areas. I always found that carravan parks are quite pet friendly if you are willing to stay in some of the buildings they have. Sadly if you are looking for more luxurious accomodations then you may struggle. Not many of them seem to be very pet-friendly :(
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    Re: Problem with pets?

    great post



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