Hi everybody,

My name is Siobhan.

I am currently working on a project very close to my heart. I am hoping to gain some interest and support in this cause. It is something I cannot do alone.

I have been in Egypt for some time. During my time here I have seen a lot. The current situation in Egypt means that there is literally not a single tourist here at the moment.
Because of this the people of Egypt are suffering, however the ones suffering the most are the animals!

There are so many people in Egypt currently suffering with the tourism crisis. Communities, families and tradesmen are struggling to make ends meet. A large majority of people in Egypt depend on their working animals for their minimal income. This includes everything from animals working in the tourism industry to agricultural work animals. However with the declining workload it is the animals who suffer first, starvation, injuries, disease all left untreated due to the lack of funds to care for them. There is also an unbelievable number of stray or abandoned animals in Egypt. In some cases we even see cases of abuse, abuse of working and stray animals.
With this cause we aim to help these communities, firstly through their animals. We plan to open a rescue and rehabilitation centre to provide aid to these animals. We will also help give back to the community by using only skilled local, struggling tradesmen to help us in our work.
One way in which we plan to define ourselves from other charities and ensure our work provides the most help possible, is by establishing the project in an area where it is most needed, where causes like our are not available.
Education will play a major role in our work, we will educate animal owners, and will direct education toward the younger generation in order to create a community of people dedicated to helping and caring for animals.
What we are firstly trying to achieve , is to obtain the funds to initially start our project and begin fundraising.
We also plan to give back to any donors and anybody who helps our cause in any way. We will keep an active online presence to ensure that anybody who believes and invests in us can be confident that their donation is truly helping us to help Egypt.

Please help us gain awareness for our cause and begin to establish this project. With your help we truly believe we can make a difference to the people and animals of Egypt