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    What is this creature/animal?

    During a fishing trip with my friends (we went on a huge row of rocks called 'wave breaker'), we found a strange red slime creature hanging below one of the rocks.
    A friend of mine decided to poke it with a stick. Its really hard to take that slime off (we couldn't manage to) and once you do touch it, it sprays water and red stuff all of the place..
    We continued walking and noticed a few slime balls that had spikes on the back aswell...
    Does anyone know what that creature is?

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    Re: What is this creature/animal?

    what ever it is it looks gross hahah

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    Re: What is this creature/animal?

    It's endeed a very mysterious creature, i dont know what it is but i ask myself the same questions when i found some of those jelly dudes.

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    Re: What is this creature/animal?

    I found the answer: it is a beadlet anenome. See

    Amazing and fascinating!

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    Re: What is this creature/animal?

    Great detective work LPC :) and please OP tell your friends to NOT poke them with a stick!



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