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Thread: Animal Cartoons

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    Re: Animal Cartoons

    Quote Originally Posted by LPC View Post
    Are you referring to this? -

    I'm afraid that I had to resort good ol' Wiki to get the sense, as we don't all live in the USA, LOL! Thumbs up
    Oops - another case of my humor not hitting the mark. South Paw (in the USA) means left handed. Since a dog has two left paws it begs the question: which one? I'll keep trying and do my best.

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    Re: Animal Cartoons

    Don't forget belly rubs.

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    Re: Animal Cartoons

    Great one, Bob!

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    Re: Animal Cartoons

    Cute is what cute does.

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    Re: Animal Cartoons

    Aw! I couldn't say no, that's for sure....Smile

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    Re: Animal Cartoons

    Nice one mate :)

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    Re: Animal Cartoons

    Words of wisdom.

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    Re: Animal Cartoons

    I sure wish we had like here on AF! Cause I sure do like your stuff Bob! Oh By the way, I for one got the Southpaw joke, wink, wink LPC!

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    Re: Animal Cartoons

    Thanks David! I've hit a dry spell. I hope this new Bazoo cartoon will start a new streak of cartoons.

    Name:  Bazoo 2.jpg
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    Re: Animal Cartoons

    Bazoo has good taste in music.

    Name:  Bazoo #3.jpg
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