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Thread: Animal Cartoons

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    Re: Animal Cartoons

    Quote Originally Posted by Wrax View Post
    Are you trying to tell us you're actually a turtle Bob? How do you draw without thumbs?
    I never said I used my hands.

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    Re: Animal Cartoons

    Maybe give him (or it) another try?

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    Re: Animal Cartoons

    Good one, Bob. Those are two "well connected" birdies.

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    Re: Animal Cartoons

    Back to the egg!

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    Re: Animal Cartoons

    Waste not - want not.

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    Re: Animal Cartoons

    Don't Cartoon Hungry.

    Name:  cartoon884b.jpg
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    Re: Animal Cartoons

    Methinks Polly be more fierce than the pirate, haha!

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    Re: Animal Cartoons

    Half-man, half chair.

    Name:  1f219430d12bace0b6a288f91791d442.jpg
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    Re: Animal Cartoons

    I hear it is great for the joints and spirit.

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    Re: Animal Cartoons

    Know your limits when it comes to expense accounts.

    Name:  cartoon887b.jpg
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