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    What is your favourite animal?

    This is mine, the fennec fox

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    Re: What is your favourite animal?

    Badgers - and rabbits
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    Re: What is your favourite animal?

    My favorite animal is Bulldog because it has very cute looks with its soft fur on the body. See the pic, you will get to know yourself.
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    Re: What is your favourite animal?

    fennec fox is so cute *-* I think my favourite animals are rabbits(I have one) and dogs, koala and panda too! I like them too much!

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    Re: What is your favourite animal?

    I would like to say ALL haha, but I guess Ostriches, Emus, Wombats, Dogs, Rabbits, Elephants, Horses I like a little better than others :D

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    Re: What is your favourite animal?

    One shouldn't have favourities, I know (!), but I love dogs especially.

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    Re: What is your favourite animal?

    I don't categories animals for my choice all are cute, But i have a bulldog and it is very cute.

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    Re: What is your favourite animal?

    Parrots and black labs. Both very teachable creatures!

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    Re: What is your favourite animal?

    Pit Bulls - they are really friendly.

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    What is your favourite animal?

    I've always been an avid fan of pandas. Ever since I was a child, I wanted to own one. though it's highly unlikely, I just hope that someday, I could at least see one of those cute creatures. :)

    Show some love! :)
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