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Thread: Hedgehog Babies

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    Hedgehog Babies

    I just stumbled across a picture of a hedgehog with her babies, and i realised i have never seen itty bitty hedgehog babies before.. And what a sight! :D
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    Re: Hedgehog Babies

    You got me there also! I never seen baby hedgehogs either. They sure are cute! they don't even look real...... thank you for sharing this!

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    Re: Hedgehog Babies

    Aren't they sweet!

    I love hedgehogs. Sadly, like seemingly everything, their numbers are declining...
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    Re: Hedgehog Babies

    They look like some kinda hair brushes..

    I love hedgehogs too, when i was young i saw them all the time, then for maaany years i didnt see any at all, but the last 2 years i have seem them, had someone living in the garden here, hopefully ill see them again when summer comes. Unfortually they are not unfamiliar by getting run over by cars, had to showel one up that was run over just outside here, that was kinda sad, one less in the garden family.

    While we are at the subject, ill throw in some facts..

    A grown hedgehog have between 5000 to _7000_ spikes, got me surprised there as well

    A hedgehog gives birth to average 5 babies, on average only 20% lives beyond the first year

    A hedgehog in captivity can live up to 10 years, but hedgehogs in the wild rarely goes beyond 5 years.
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    Re: Hedgehog Babies

    Hedgehogs are so positive animals. I always wanted to have one :) There's a lot of these animals in my neighborhood, even though I live near the city center.
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