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    Re: can dogs eat blueberries!

    The only side effect I've noticed is the color of the poop.

    My dog really loves blueberries, and she picks and eats them voraciously! After a few days of eating blueberries during walks in the forest, her poop becomes very dark, almost black. No diarrhea though.
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    Re: can dogs eat blueberries!

    Yes dogs can eat blueberries, and they are good for them within reason of course. Fruit and vegetables shouldn't be more than about 25% of a dog's diet. Yes they do stain things, including what comes out the other end....haha. I got a bit of a craze on blueberries and my dental hygienist wasn't too happy about it! So she told me to use an anti stain toothpaste! (, not a solution obviously to doggy's rear-end blueberry evacuations!)



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