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    My other little roomie

    Guess ill post him too :]

    He had a companion before, but he got sick and had to be put down :/

    However this little fellah seems to do good on his own, over half a year since he lost his companion, and he's still going strong. Hes 3 years and 3-4 months now, shows no sign of aging or anything.
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    Re: My other little roomie

    wow 3-1/2 years for a Gerbil, am I right or wrong? That's pretty good hope he goes another 3-1/2 years!

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    Re: My other little roomie

    That is indeed a decent age for a gerbil, average life span is 3 years. I doubt he will live to see another 3 years thou, but he's a healty little fellah for now at least :)

    I also had 3 dwarf hamsters before, 1 was crazy and spent all his life energy in 1 year, while the other two got well over 3 years, they died of old age.

    I reccon my next rodent will be a regular pet rat, gerbil isnt social at all, not even developed stockholm syndrome :/

    I kinda want a ferret too, but with the bunny too, it will probably be to much, dont know how well they would fit together



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