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    I still come acrross new species

    There sure are a lot of animals out there, and i guess i have seen far from all, the latest one i stumbled across that i never had seen before, is the Pangolin.

    Wonder what the next new animal that amazes me will be..
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    Re: I still come acrross new species

    Also its fun that there still are new animals discovered on land, like this cute fellow named Olinguito.
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    Re: I still come acrross new species

    Wow that Pangolin looks to be a cross between an ant eater and an armadillo! So cool looking!

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    Re: I still come acrross new species

    What wonderful animals!

    We must do all we can to protect the natural environment and the fellow species we share this beautiful planet with...

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    Re: I still come acrross new species

    Yeah, it is a armoured ant and termite eater :]

    When i first saw that picture, i thougt it was something from world of warcraft, didnt think it was real.

    Here is a baby pangolin too :D
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