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Thread: New Member.

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    Smile New Member.

    Hi there good day, i'm Keyon. I've got two multese poodle dogs as pets.
    The one's quite old or getting old,basically on his last. Sometimes the two of them fight and sometimes they're the two cutest dogs alive.
    And I'm afraid he might die soon, and I was wondering or thinking about a new dog. But one with short hair and that's always on guard?
    Not evil but won't let strangers in. But there are a few dogs that i do want as pets though, like I've always wanted a Doberman as a pet?
    Would it be a good idea to get one? Please help me with some more ideas, Thanks. :)

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    Re: New Member.

    I had a Doberman, i loved her so much! She was a very nice dog and i always felt safe with her. When somebody rang a bell i even opened the door with her first. It's a beautiful dog, but i have to tell you that it is hard for only one person to take care of the dog like this. There were 5 family members taking care of her in our house. Doberman needs a lot of care and long walks at least 3 times a day for one hour. Taking care for a dog like Doberman is expensive too, he needs (like other dogs too) a quality food and regular vet consulting. Our dog had lived 10 years but this is very high age for Doberman. Usually they live for about 7 years. They have some diseases that are very common for them especially when they get older and are very expensive to cure. When you have Doberman he is the boss in your house. They usually don't like other animals especially if they come in your house later, when you already have a dog. The dog school is necessary for a Doberman and this is a kind of dog that always tries his limits. Doberman is an inside dog and you can't have him outside in a dog kennel! If you get yourself Doberman you need to be sure that he will be like your family member and you will take care of him like he was your child. Everything you will do for the dog he will give you back twice as much! :)

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    Re: New Member.

    A doberman might be a good choice if you want a dog who will protect your home against uninvited strangers. But you might have problems with invited strangers or guests not being accepted.

    A warm welcome to the forum, by the way!
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    Re: New Member.

    Hello Keyon and Welcome to Animal Forum, I like the way LPC puts it "A Warm Welcome!" Always so hard to choose your next dog....

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    Re: New Member.

    Welcome Keyon :) .M. made some excellent points, a Doberman is not the easiest type of dog to have.

    Good Luck with your decision!

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    Re: New Member.

    Welcome to Animal Forum, Keyon. Please post some pics of your multese poodles. Would like to see them.

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    Re: New Member.

    Welcome to the forum, dear Keyon.



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