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    Introducing cats & dogs (my 1st post!)

    So I have a 9 week old kitten, and would like to get a puppy down the road. I am interested in having the two get along as much as possible. How old should the kitten/puppy be for the optimal experience for both?

    Could my kitten benefit from playing with friendly older dogs at this point? (just to get adjusted)


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    Re: Introducing cats & dogs (my 1st post!)

    Welcome to the Forum Tuckrr... I have a 12 year old cat that just lost her lifetime buddy... They were both outdoor cats all their lives... but since Peaches died this February now the only companion that Noel has is us. She quickly became a house cat and has adapted very well and has totally accepted us as her friend. Here is where this story gets interestingly better. We have a 9 year old dog half blue healer and half black spaniel, her picture is my avatar picture ... She use to chase Noel all the time when she was an outdoor cat, I think because the use to confuse her with being a skunk which Gracie hates. Well since Noel is now an official indoor the dog has finally got use to her. Lets say they tolerate each other... hahaha but as time goes on I see they are starting to actually greet each other at times. What I'm trying to say is that even an older dog will tolerate an older cat. but she is a very obedient dog and a very loving dog and I believe she tolerates the cat for our sake. I think a young puppy can be trained to like a cat and get along with one. Good luck!

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    Re: Introducing cats & dogs (my 1st post!)

    Our 7 years old cat is sweet yet a loner and not much into playing with our dachshund Doppler. They actually played few times on Doppler's first couple of weeks here but when our dog got rougher, our cat showed some claws so our dog learned to keep distance from him. I have friends with kitties and puppies playing together being on their young age. If you add a pup, give your cat (or dog) some space to run so they won't develop some aggressive behavior if they fight sometimes. You need constant supervision too.

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    Re: Introducing cats & dogs (my 1st post!)

    Good advice dopplersfeet! specially about the constant supervision. Things for sure can get out of control quickly.



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