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    Re: Photos of animals

    Here is my little friend
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    Re: Photos of animals

    And another one, playtime, thou its more curiosity sniffing than playing ;p
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    Re: Photos of animals

    Great picture Hunterwood.... My next door neighbor once saved a baby cotton tail and it wound up staying quite a long time with them.

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    Re: Photos of animals

    cotton tail, thats a hare?

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    Re: Photos of animals

    Oh I know that's a hare you have there hunterwoods, I was just talking about my neighbor, he had a cotton tail, a little bitty thing compared to a hare. Here where I live in New Mexico we have cotton tails and Jack Rabbits ( a true Hare also)

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    Re: Photos of animals

    What i have is a rabbit, mix of hermonine and dwarf wedder or something, allthou i dont really see any dwarfness in him :]

    Googled cotton tails, seems to be a hare, looks kinda similar thou as my buddy

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    Re: Photos of animals

    Hey, i have a question... can i add my own video, which is not from youtube?

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    Re: Photos of animals

    Yes, you can add your own video.



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