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    Re: Photos of animals

    This is Lil Dude. He looks cute but he is a bully boy.

    Name:  dude2-s.JPG
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    Re: Photos of animals

    He is a cute cat! He might change, how old is he? I have a cat named Lucky and he used to be a bully too, i mean he wasn't such a cuddling cat as Johnny. When you tried to cuddle him he always scratched you. But now he is 8 years old and he now jumps to my lap and lets me cuddle him. I guess he became more trustful. But Johnny and Lucky are still very protective for their area (our house and garden), they wouldn't let any dog or cat no matter how big, to come to our territory (except if the animal is a baby or injured).
    This is Lucky, catching the rope:
    Name:  1305050995-1773.jpg
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    Re: Photos of animals

    Lil Dude is 10 years old. He is very gentle with people. He is the biggest cat and bullies some other cats.

    That's a cool picture. I have a cat named Lucky too. Mine is a black cat. She licks to play. All you can see are her eyes.

    Here is Lucky under the fire pit.

    Name:  lucky-firepit.JPG
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    Re: Photos of animals

    A picture of Tasmanian devil at the San Diego Zoo, the only U.S. zoo to have Tasmanian devils.

    Name:  Tasmanian-Devil.jpg
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    Re: Photos of animals

    A pair of lions.

    Name:  lion pair.jpg
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    Re: Photos of animals

    Two cute bunny rabbits kissing.

    Name:  -rabbits-kissing.jpg
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    Re: Photos of animals

    Name:  DSC01039.jpg
Views: 45
Size:  98.3 KB PLEASE HELP. Does anyone know which animal this is?

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    Re: Photos of animals

    Lucky enjoying sunshine :)
    Name:  DSC_0035.jpg
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    Re: Photos of animals

    Skye, the first giraffe born in Queensland, Australia and her mum Rosie.

    Name:  giraffee.jpg
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    Re: Photos of animals

    i love cat and duck picture :rolleyes:



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