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    bark control units

    any one have anything good or bad to say if the dog silencer pro really works very good or not.Need to get something for neighbors dogs who yip yip yip most of the day..Ticket from animal control did not work...They dont care..So want to install good 50-65' range bark control unit to make them stop .Most are between 45-95 dollars...thanks..

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    Re: bark control units

    I'm not familiar with this product... anyone else know?

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    Re: bark control units

    It is legal to use sonic bark controllers for your own dog in most countries, but if your neighbours find out that you have installed a unit to use against their dogs, you could be in trouble. Check national and local laws carefully. Personally, I don't approve of such devices, anyway.

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    Re: bark control units

    If you want to use such device, first you should consult with your local authority and Locality-head. They will let you know about the law and order. Seek correct advice and then take any step so that you won't have to face any trouble.

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    Re: bark control units

    Hmm, good tips, I have to try them because my dog at some moments do not give peace and quiet, and the neighbors are not too happy about this.
    Website about police dogs :) there will be more content soon!



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