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Thread: jumping

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    my dog likes to jump on people.I've tryed the ignoreing method and that does not seem to work any other ideas?hope someone can help Thanks!

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    I've used quite a few methods in the past...
    1. Turn round when they jump up.
    2. When they jump, hold on to their front legs and don't let go. Most dogs wont like this, so if you do it everytime they jump up, they'll learn not to!
    3. Walk forwards towards them when they jump, it pushes them backwards, so they have to get down. It's also showing your dominace over them.
    4. When they jump, lift your leg up underneath to make contact with their chest, gently! This isn't a kick, it shouldn't hurt the dog. But the contact underneath will be unexpected to them, and they'll get down.
    I've had dogs where a certain method wont work for them, but another will.

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    Hiya, this video's kind of annoying, but it might help you:

    I've never had a dog that's been really jumpy, so I've never had to deal with this problem with any of my own. But I've worked with dogs at a shelter and most of them in there were so excited to see someone that they couldn't stop themselves from leaping up at people. Turning your back and only acknowledging their existence when they have all four feet on the ground is the most effective way to deal with it.

    Always stay calm, never get angry, be patient.

    If your dog jumps up, say "down" or "sit" or "off" or whatever your command is, say it once. If you're ignored, turn your back and fold your arms. I know this is hard with a large dog, because they're pushing you over and it's hard to not react to them when they're hurting you, but any attention is rewarding to them and they'll continue to do it. If you make it as boring as possible for them when they're jumping at you, they'll soon get the idea they get absolutely nothing from doing it, and they just won't bother.

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    Actually, Emily's suggestions are better than mine! I forgot the holding the feet thing... :P

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    I am sorry I forgot to say I don't have much of a problem with him jumping on me it is when anyone else comes around that he is near uncontroalable.

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    A good way to deter this is to have your visitors not pay attention to him as he jumps, tell them not to touch him at all. Keep a leash at your door and a bowl of treats, when someone comes to the door go to the door, ask your dog to sit and give him a treat for it, place the leash on his collar and ask him to lay down, again treat. Place your foot on the leash so he can't get back up then open the door. Greet your visitor tell them the rules about the dog not jumping, then give them a treat and have them kneel and pet your dog while he is laying dowen and give him the treat, thus rewarding him for not jumping.

    How old is your dog? Its a hard thing to break a dog of, the greeting ritual is often reward by simply looking at or touching the dog. once he has calmed down you can take your foot off the lead, but if he starts to act up, remmeber to ignore the bad behavior, make him sit and lay down, giving him a treat for it, and resume the standing on the lead. It shouldn't take too long for your dog to realise he gets more attention laying down quietly, then he does jumping up.
    The reason dogs are great is they wag their tails, not their tongues.

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    The simplest approach is to lift your knee whenever the dog does it. It stops them from making contact with your body and pushes them away without using your hands. Keep doing this & make sure guests are asked to do it too!

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    Well ignoring does help!

    If you pay attention to the dog, when they misbehave, you are essentially giving energy to the situation. If your dog is not acting right, just put him or her in the basement for 20-30 minutes. This should be done immediately when they are misbehaving. Don't yell or hit them, because this will make them hand shy.

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    Teaching your dog not to jump up on you or your guests may seem like an impossible task, especially if you have a dog who loves people (and people who love dogs)! How many times have your guests been greeted at the door by your overenthusiastic canine’s nose and front feet, while you haplessly shout “No! Down! Stop it!” in the background?



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