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    Blood and Inflamation in eye - tests clean - help

    My cat is about 9 months old, and a few months ago I noticed blood in his right eye. He seemed unaffected by it. I took him to my vet, and they referred me to a feline ophthalmologist. The specialist said the eye was inflamed, and gave me drops for his eyes 3x/day (w steroid) and a gel 3x/week to dilate the pupil. He looks better, but it's not a cure.

    All tests I have run on him have come back negative. All of the big tests were done, plus FIV, Leukemia and most recently Toxo. I had a CBC and Chem Panel done.

    Panel is clean. CBC is clean except for slightly elevated RBC. Expected range is 5.92-9.93, my cat has 10.15. It's not a major elevation, but it's all that has shown up.

    Anyway, I have another appointment with the specialist on Wed, but I don't want to go there for them to tell me they cant figure it out and to keep on the drops. They're basically just a coverup, and I want a solution. If it's treatable but not curable, fine, but I want to know that for a fact.

    Does anyone have any ideas as to what it could be? Hypertension partially fits, but is strange in kittens I believe. I'm not really sure what else it could be. I thought of PV, but again its a kitten, and WBC and Platelets are normal.

    Any help would be greatly appreciate. thx

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    Your talking like a blood spot on the eyeball, or actual bleeding of the eye, like from the tear duct?
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