Hi, im studying industrial design at Massey University in NZ. Im doing an assignment on service design for animals in the home looking at pet adoption and the passing of a pet (hopefully to make this experience easier/less traumatic). If you have time I have a few questions to ask, any answers would be fantastic!

Pet Adoption:

What was the process you went through to to adopt?
What was the hardest thing about the whole process?
Were there any deterents for you adopting?
Did you find it difficult to introduce the adopted pet to your other pets?
Is there anything that would have made it an easier/more pleasant experience?

The Passing of a Pet:

Did you do anything to commemorate your pet?
Was there any helpful information available to you about what to do?
Can you please describe the events before, during and after your pet passed?
Is there anything that you feel would have made your experience easier or less painful? eg a burial service.

I understand that some of these questions may be difficult to answer, but any answers you can provide would be much appreciated :)