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    Dog performing quickly stunts

    This great community Greetings from Bogotá, Colombia. I want to share with you these images of a bitch very remarkable for his athletic ability.

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    Re: Dog performing quickly stunts

    Very impressive video! Incredible jumps and, while other members of his species may be afraid off, he has gone all the way of performance. These talented dogs will blow you away as they perform. It has become an YouTube hit after performing a variety of stunts.

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    Re: Dog performing quickly stunts

    that's so cool how to teach your dog how to do that :rolleyes:

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    Re: Dog performing quickly stunts

    Wow! That is some speedy dog! A Border Collie by the look of her. And that agility course is a perfect thing for a Border Collie. She is a beautiful, athletic girl. That was a treat to watch!

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    Re: Dog performing quickly stunts

    Wow, i wish mine would do this. The energy is incredible plus its awesome exercise for your dog.

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    Re: Dog performing quickly stunts

    Wow, a very good boy video. That is fast and impressive. I wonder how many days are needed to train the dog to be like that.

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    Re: Dog performing quickly stunts

    Not all dogs are the same intelligent, therefore they require different approach and level of patience to be trained like this amazing canine.
    Here's a cool list which may be helpful for your question

    As you can see, Border collie is the first one on the list, so this is surely quite a representative video when it comes to training a dog. But intelligence is just one of the factors, what also counts is persistence, patience and positive reinforcement! Speaking of, check this out!

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    Re: Dog performing quickly stunts

    Amazing!!!! How I wish my dog has the ability to do this stunts also. Very brave dog!



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