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Thread: Hello from FNQ!

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    Hello from FNQ!

    Hello everyone, I"m from Far North Queensland, Australia. I have 3 Dogs, many reptiles & a Native Australian Tarantula.
    I work as a Mammal Keeper/Gumcutter at a zoo here & I"m also training in Crocodile work.
    So, thats the introduction done, I"m off to have a look around!

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    Re: Hello from FNQ!

    Welcome aboard Amigo! That would be "mate" down in your parts of the world! Ha! We look forward to your input.

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    Re: Hello from FNQ!

    Thanks mate!:cool:

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    Re: Hello from FNQ!

    Welcome to the Animal Forum mate :P...

    What does a Gumcutter do?

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    Re: Hello from FNQ!

    Collect food from the wild for our Koala colony at the zoo!

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    Re: Hello from FNQ!

    ah thats nice, hope you get to feed the koalas too :)

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    Re: Hello from FNQ!

    A very warm welcome to the forum!

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    Re: Hello from FNQ!

    Welcome to the forum, Ok, this is going to be a weird question, but i need to know if what i have heard is true....

    Is it true koala's are threatened due to the fact 80% of them have chlamydia?

    Yup, see....weird question :D

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    Re: Hello from FNQ!

    Chlamydia, land clearing & domestic animal attacks. 4000 fatalities last year from road trauma & dog attacks....
    Not good.

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    Re: Hello from FNQ!

    Greetings from me, too! I think I'll leave the crocodiles to you to handle...!



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