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    Question The Dreaded Potty Training!!

    So we already have 2 cats, and a dog who is well potty trained and well behaved. We just adopted a new puppy when she was 6 weeks. Of course shes had accidents and its been hard, but shes 8 weeks now and we are worries she is forming new bad habits. Our other dog sleeps at the foot of the bed so we let the new puppy sleep with us, she also won't sleep anywhere else. We use the bathroom when we arent home to keep her in, so we use the kennel for punishments and time outs if she has an accident. In the last week she has been going really good outside! almost any time of the day you can take her out and she will do her business! The problem is at night, i noticed pee on the potty pad and i hadnt taken her potty so i knew she got up on her own. shes a teacup chihuaua and she sleeps on my head so i usually can tell if she gets up. . last night she got up and pooped on the rug but she peed on her potty pad. the cat also puked on the rug so im not sure if she just pooped cuz of that.. . ?
    The REAL PROBLEM. . . is that we have a huuuuuge blanket covering our comforter and out of curiosity i took a random whiff and yep. . . . pee scent. . its a dark blanket and we have it on there in case she does have an accident we dont have to strip the bed. . . but i dont want her forming a bad habit of peeing in our bed because she wont sleep anywhere else. this morning i put her in the bathroom, no pee. . . put her in her kennel. . then back in the bathroom (the bathrooms where we have the potty pad) still no pee. . . after about 30 minutes of back and forth, i took her out in the rain, and pee. . . . so i dont know what to do. i know she will have accidents but are they going to form to habits? what can i do?

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    Re: The Dreaded Potty Training!!

    Here is a link you can take a look at. It has a lot of puppy potty training information and tips which I think you'll find useful. I hope this helps. Susan Matoi Molokai Hawaii

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    Re: The Dreaded Potty Training!!

    Does anyone know how to get the pee smell out of the carpet?

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    Re: The Dreaded Potty Training!!

    We have had success with these two products:
    and (can be bought at walmart)

    Get Serious is an enzyme and actually helps to break down the urine... instead of just masking over it.



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