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Thread: Ferrets As Pets

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    Smile Ferrets As Pets

    Hi, my name is Beth and I am 12 years old. I have 3 ferrets. 1 male and 2 jills. They are called Archie (male) , Bonnie and Senga (jills). My dad keeps them for ferreting/hunting and for pets. My dad, my brother and I named them. I personaly keep them as pets but other folk might not agree with it because they are wild animals.

    I know the ferret part of this forum isn't that big but if anyone has ferrets as pets post. Thanks

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    Re: Ferrets As Pets

    Just curious, how do you use Ferrets for hunting?

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    Re: Ferrets As Pets

    in a variety of ways. basically the ferrets job is to go down the warren, the rabbits smelling a natural predator evacuate the warren pretty sharpish.... above ground is where the variety comes in, some use purse nets over the holes, the rabbits run into the nets while leaving the warren and are closed into it, it is then down to the person to dispatch the animal humanely and put a fresh purse net down (the purse nets get tangled so always good to have fresh ones) Some people simply let the rabbit bolt out then shoot them with shotguns, some have running dogs ready to course them and some have a different variety of net called a long net, basically a long, vertically propped net surrounding the warren which the rabbits become entangled in. Its a successful method of hunting which often brings in dozens of rabbits for the freezer each outing, the ferrets absolutely love running around in the warrens too.



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