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Thread: Dogs and Cancer

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    Re: Dogs and Cancer

    It also could be that there is more canine cancer nowadays because dogs are living much longer lives than they used to. Many years ago, eight was considered quite old for even a medium sized dog. Now they are living to fourteen, fifteen. And cell replication is more likely to include errors in the code, the older we all get.
    But....sometimes with the geriatric (and this can include people as well as animals) a certain reversal can occur, in that although cancer is more common -it also develops far more slowly.

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    Re: Dogs and Cancer

    It is very lovely to read a story that makes us smile and give us hope for another day.

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    Re: Dogs and Cancer

    thank you for the warning....and god bless that dog ^_^

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    Re: Dogs and Cancer

    This information is so useful. Thank you for the link.



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