In recent years, you can find lot of pet shops that are having an advertisement saying “Iguana for sale”. Also lot of online stores that sell Iguanas. Before you plan to buy Iguana in sale, it would be best for you and your future pet if you read about ecotourism first.

Ecotourism is defined as "low-impact nature tourism." The main focus of the concept is the survival of all species through the implementation of policies that address maintenance and sustenance. In simple, ecotourism involves habitat management in local communities.

Iguanas, like many other exotic animals, survive in their natural habitat, which found in tropical rainforests. There is a debate goes on whether Iguanas are considered as a pet or not. Many pet owners don’t care about the ecotourism and capturing Iguanas and labeling over the Iguanas for sale and selling it for profit. Many Iguanas die even in the pet shops before they are bought by the pet owners. And then there's the matter of iguanas surviving in a domesticated environment. Animal rights activists and ecotourism experts are looking for proper caring of exotic animals as pets.

Many Iguanas available for sale and still in pet shop windows and are waiting . When you buy an Iguana for sale, it is your prior responsibility to provide a proper living space for your Iguanas where it can enjoy and feel happy. You may not know from where the Iguana came from; if it was legally captured, but you have keep it mind that now it is yours. You are the responsible for its living. So you have to provide good for them.

When you buy an Iguana for sale, you should pay much attention to its cage. Iguanas need different type of cage. You have to give them with an environment that is not too cold or too hot. Iguanas need to surround with water sources. Water is essential to their body to keep them hydrated. Iguanas always prefer to be alone. They don’t like any other animals inside its cage.

When you buy an Iguana for sale, there's no looking back. It is your responsibility to give proper living environment to your Iguana and have to give proper care. Make sure that you know the essential facts on caring your Iguana as a pet as well as other relevant aspects of ecotourism - and do everything you can to give it a place it can consider it as home.

As a pet shop owner, you must give proper attention to the health of Iguana for sale because you have to run your pet shop for profit. So caring of every pets will provide you the income on selling healthy pets.

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