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    Cool Need advice from dog experts!

    Hi guys, I'm brand new here!

    My gran and paps had a labrador and it was awesome, but that's about the most i've dealt with a dog! The girl i've started seeing has an alsatian and it has been through agility training and stuff, and it's awesome! It's so active and obedient! It has a great nature and is dead friendly!

    Im looking into dogs now for myself as i am really keen! I've done quite a bit of research on which one to get but I would like someone to maybe give me some personal advice? Im thinking a german shepherd might well be the right dog but I dont know! I was considering a husky but I've kind of thrown that idea out of the window! Was also considering a rough collie but i've read they are a bit lazy...

    I don't know what else to say, so I'll just put a list below of what kind of qualities im looking in a dog! I've tried to make this post as short and easy to read as possible haha cheers guys!

    • Very active- Long walks in parks, a lot of running about with a ball/stick, playing about in the house, swimming... Very energetic!
    • Very loyal- i've heard that huskys are too friendly and would trust anyone
    • Not violent-dont want my pet to attack a young kid or be known to have a bad nature
    • Not aggressive

    When I get a pet i will want to train it really well, take it to agility training etc and spend a lot of time outdoors! Im really looking forward to finding the right one!


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    Re: Need advice from dog experts!

    Dalmatines maybe? They have those qualities you look after. :)

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    Re: Need advice from dog experts!

    Nah not for me I'm afraid!

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    Re: Need advice from dog experts!

    Quote Originally Posted by Gregor View Post
    Nah not for me I'm afraid!
    Oh..afraid of dalmatines? Why?

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    Re: Need advice from dog experts!

    Lol! I don't mean that I'm afraid of them! I just don't want a dalmatian, not furry enough! :)

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    Re: Need advice from dog experts!


    hmmm I am not a dog expert but my sister has a labrador/dachshund mix and he does have exactly the qualities you are looking for, the rough collie you mentioned before is probably a good match too or probably a golden retriever fits as well...

    Good Luck on your search :)

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    Re: Need advice from dog experts!

    Springer spaniel is what you need. I have a German Shorthaired Pointer and she has got all of those on your list. I have always wanted a springer spaniel. Thanks

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    Re: Need advice from dog experts!

    Another thing to add German Shepards
    wouldn't be good for a first dog. Thats just my opinion. I may be wrong. Try and go for smaller dogs like springers,cockers
    etc. Because you said you weren't an expert you would be better with a smaller dog. Beth

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    Re: Need advice from dog experts!

    I have a Blue Healer/Spaniel Mix.... She's all black and very furry and sheds a bunch, haha! She is very loyal to us and very loving! I hope you find what you want!

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    Re: Need advice from dog experts!

    Few points to make, firstly....go to dog training classes even before you have a dog, there are millions of people out there -well intentioned i will add- that have dogs they dont know how to train. Research operant conditioning in detail, until you can think of ingenious ways to make the dog do tricks you could never dream of. Shy away from certain pure breds (mainly show dogs) that have been bred beyond absurdity and have many hereditary illnesses (some breeds are just plain abuse, some cant even breath properly!) I would suggest not to get HPR dogs (Hunt.Point.Retrieve) many like english setters (especially the sharberry bloodline) and GSP's are very very hard headed stubborn dogs. While Alsations are good dogs they need to be handled firmly (not aggressively) they need to be lead, never let them become the leader. To be quite honest your best bet is normally a general old mongrel. Mongrels are rarely the product of puppy farming, have far less health problems in general (hip dysplasia comes to mind) and have as good a temperament as any. Always train the dog to allow anyone to handle its food even while its eating it, a possessive dog is a dangerous dog. A collie should not be on your list, they are VERY intelligent dogs and i have met only a handful of people who can make them reach their potential.
    Oh and remember, keep reading about training methods.....

    Thats just a few tips that spring to mind



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