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    Any other sheep owners here?

    Hello, I have had a small flock of sheep for seven years. Does anyone else have sheep? Do you require any advice? Do you have any good pictures to share?

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    Do you have pictures of your flock?

    I am really interested in sheeps too but unfortunately my lifestyle doesn't allow the time for them :(

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    How big of an area do you need to keep sheep happy? I've had goats before, but no sheep.

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    Re: Any other sheep owners here?

    I have a small flock of seven ewes and one ram. In the spring, with new arrivals, the numbers can go up to about eighteen or so. We love them all, and they are not used for meat or ever sold to meat traders. The excess are sold to local people to renew or stock up their flocks, on the strict understanding (which I sometimes check by visiting afterwards!) that they will be kept for reproduction and not used for meat.

    Our sheep are not pets, but they are perhaps a little spoilt! They have their own stone built house to protect them from bad weather, and in addition to the usual grass, hay and dried granulated, they also have a licking stone for extra nutrients and get hand-cut vegetables from my dear wife's garden as tit-bits.

    Philip, we have about a hectare of land - please don't ask what that is in square feet or yards! Generally six sheep (maximum) in winter is right for one hectare, but we have another plot of land where the sheep go "on holiday" for extra grass. So we have a little more than six sheep in winter.
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    Re: Any other sheep owners here?

    1 hectare = 2.47105381 acres So now Philip and I now have a concept of the size... My property here in New Mexico is .809 Hextare or approx. 2 acres. I've never raised sheep though. LPC your pasture and land is beautiful! Nice pictures.

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    Re: Any other sheep owners here?

    Hi, this will sound a bit daft compared to your flock of sheep, but I have 2 pet rams called SHAUN and GLO. we have had them about 18 months. I saw them advertised as going to the freezer if no-one had them (an excellent selling ploy, but as it turned out quite true) so now we use the fleece and as they are S.hetlands we have a jumper each so far. We are also vegetarian, did you guess?!!

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    Re: Any other sheep owners here?

    Wonderful! No, it's not at all daft to have two pet rams. Do feel free to post some pictures of them. We are nearly vegan, so it seems that you have a lot in common with my wife and myself.
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    Re: Any other sheep owners here?

    I will certainly send some photos through, my husband is away but back tomorrow so over the weekend he will need to guide me through the photo issue!!! We also have 2 pygmy goats, 6 ducks ,hens, 2 geese, 2 rabbits, 4 dogs and a budgerigar! We are hoping to move to somewhere with some land so that we can have a couple of donkeys and pigs. your home looks beautiful , and it looks lovely weather too. I'm afraid it rains most of the time in Wales.!!!

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    Re: Any other sheep owners here?

    Would love to see the pictures freespirit! We are just down to one dog and one cat..... Our dog "Gracie" is 9 this year and the cat (Noel) is probably about 12 or 13...., we found the cat around Christmas time on a open highway in the middlw of nowhere, hence her name... For the first twelve years of her life she was an outdoor cat and mouser, but since she lost her best friend "Peaches" this Feb, she has now retired and has adapted to being an indoor cat now. Ha! She makes a good house cat!

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    Re: Any other sheep owners here?

    @LPC - Beautiful land!! Those sheep are living the dream :D

    @freespirit - Don't forget to send pictures ;)



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