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    I need help with my dog loseing weight

    So I have an elderly dog, I don't know how old for sure. But he started puking and diarrhea all other over the place. My Mom read online to give him white rice and hamburger. He didn't like that too much and now my dog looks like walking death. We took him to the vet but for a 200$ payment just to get him looked at is a little much for us right now. Any help would be greatly appreciated . He is a mixed breed, mid sized dog and is at least 9 years old. Please help me save my friend.

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    Dont give him hamburgers or milk but the best thing is to give him scrambled egg,boiled rice and plenty of water. Dont give him a lot of treats until he is better. What are you feeding him on?

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    I suggest that you have a look at this very helpful page, which lists symptoms and possible causes:

    Ultimately, for $200 your vet should have asked a lot of questions, examined very thoroughly and attempted a diagnosis/remedy, or at least have ordered further tests. I appreciate that you may have limited funds, but try another vet - preferably by recommendation.

    BTW, if he is losing weight, have you checked his stools for signs of worms? Use a good magnifying glass and have a careful look.

    Warmest best wishes for your dog's speedy recovery!

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    Re: I need help with my dog loseing weight

    Sounds like a worm to me. Your vet should give you a proper diagnosis and observation. I agree on what LPC said, try a 2nd opinion as paying $200 sounds too steep.

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    Re: I need help with my dog loseing weight

    How long has the diarrhea been happening? I am afraid the trip to the vet might be unavoidable but meanwhile while you try and figure out, ensure that he is well hydrated (access to clean water) feed him small quantities of boiled white meat chicken with rice.

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    Re: I need help with my dog loseing weight

    Around here it's about £25 for a vet visit. Where on earth are you? Sounds like a ridiculous amount to have to pay. Plain chicken and rice is great for stopping diarrhea.

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    Re: I need help with my dog loseing weight

    Dogs gain weight if they do not do much activity or if they eat improper food which is not good for their health. There are many articles and blogs that you can check out to see why your dog is losing weight.
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    Re: I need help with my dog loseing weight

    Eleanor, the thread is about a dog losing weight, not gaining it.

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    Re: I need help with my dog loseing weight

    I'm extremely sorry. I have not noticed it and have edited my post. Whatever may be the situation (weight gain or lose), a good dog food suppliers knows what a dog needs to eat according to the breed type. They supply food according to the dog's health and their food also have all the supplements and essential nutrients that help in proper growth of dogs. So, going with dog food supplier can help in either way. As mentioned earlier, one may also refer to some online blogs or this article or similar content regarding best food for dogs.
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