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    Question New kitten nurses on non-nursing cat

    Hello! I have just recently gotten a new male kitten and he keeps trying to suckle off of one of my female cats. This wouldn't be too much of an issue except he is sucking her nipples raw. I noticed they were a bit red when she whined when he began to suckle on her for about the hundredth time. Any ideas on how to stop this? She has never been pregnant and isn't producing milk.

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    is the male kitten eating solid cat food by now? He probably misses his mom.

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    Yes. He was eating solid food before he came to my house. Like I said, I wouldn't mind it but Dina, the cat he's trying to feed from, is being hurt while he's nursing.

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    Never mind. A water gun was the solution!

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    Re: New kitten nurses on non-nursing cat

    We had once a little she cat kitten. She was doing the same thing. Only she did not suckle on one of our she cats, but a corner of a cover. We tried to keep her from doing it, but nothing helped. She ate normal food, but she used to suckle on the cover even when we put it away she always found something else that she could be suckling. To keep your kitten from suckling your she-cat try to apply a cream with a strong smell, that will keep the kitten away AND that will not hurt if it would happen that the kitten eats some of the cream that you apply on her nipples. Try to brew a herb mix with thyme, sage, mint tea and some others and put it on the she-cats nipples. The herbs are not dangerous if they licks it. But the herb thing made our little kitten wrinkle on her nose. She did not like the smell and it helped a little bit until she found something else new to suckle.

    (Sorry if my english is not good.)

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    Re: New kitten nurses on non-nursing cat

    We aren't planning to keep any of the kittens, but that might change. I love baby kitties so much, it's the adult ones I have a hard time with lol. I think we might keep just one of them. A friend might want 2 of them, of course not until they are older.

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    Re: New kitten nurses on non-nursing cat

    A toy water gun is always good. It can stop bad behavior by your cats.



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