I have a 1.5 year old miniature Dachshund, Ruby. Ruby hasn't been the best with her potty training, peeing at random times throughout the house. The last couple of weeks we have been on a good streak with no accidents. That is of course, if you dont count her crate. She ALWAYS pees in the crate. We have a dog walker and she is not in there any more than 5 hours at a time. She sleeps in our bed, stays in there for up to 12 Rosetta Stone English Rosetta Stone Italian
hours and does not pee there. Someone suggested we try her crate without the towel in it. We started that this week and when I get home its always dry. And then I pick up a toy and there is a spot of pee under it. When she was a puppy she would lick her pee up, and I think thats whats happening here. I put a couple small ripped pieces of paper towel in there today to see if they'd soak up any pee to indicate to me if thats whats happening and they are GONE! I think while licking up her pee she ate the paper towels?! I've searched this forum and found its not too uncommon for puppies, but shes 1.5 years old now. I understand there can be lapses, but, the pee licking thing is just gross. Any suggestions?