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    Tips for traveling safely with your pet

    According to the Travel Industry Association of America, about 29.1 million Americans have traveled with a pet in the past three years. I have taken my dearly departed dog, Gus, on several road trips over the years.

    But many people don't give a lot of thought to safety and regulation issues associated with pet travel. Petco is offering tips to you (and your pet) travel safely.

    Make sure your lodging is pet-friendly: You may be surprised to learn that finding a pet-friendly hotel is easier than ever if you know where to look. The Internet is a great place to start for the most up-to-date and timely information. There are also many websites that have comprehensive lists of pet-friendly hotels and campgrounds. Stop by an AAA office to pick up their localized pet guide. Extra tip: when staying in your home-away-from-home, feed pets on the tile bathroom floor to help with hotel cleanup and always tip the maid for a job well done.

    Know what to pack for your pet: Packing for a pet is much like packing for a child - you must prepare for every occasion. Make sure your dog has a collar listing your mobile number not your home number. Microchips are another surefire way to ensure a pet’s safe return if lost. Prepare your pets’ normal food in plastic bags, as switching their diet can result in stomach upset. Always pack towels to cover the back seat of your car or rental car, as well as plastic bags to pick up after your pet regardless of local laws. Water is also critical, so bring portable water bowls such as the Kurgo Wander Pail and plenty of water.

    Beware of changing pet travel airline regulations: There are so many things to consider when traveling by air, and information is often confusing and ever-changing. Petco suggests beginning your journey with a pre-approved pet carrier always helps to ensure your airline travel runs smooth. To avoid confusion at the airport, plan ahead by making a reservation for your pet. Most airlines only allow a small number of animals in the cargo area and an even smaller number of animals inside the cabin. If your pet is traveling in the cabin with you, they must fit comfortably under your seat in a pre-approved carrier and not be taken out for the duration of the flight. Additionally, make sure you have your pets’ health certificate, pet passport for international travel, and proof of age. Always check with your individual airline before taking off so you have the most up-to-date information.

    Dealing with a nervous pet: Just like humans, pets become anxious when put in new situations. Before traveling, get your pet acquainted with their carrier or take them in the car to a place other than the vet. The more familiar your animal is with their surroundings, the more at ease they will be. Most vets agree that you should not give your pet a tranquilizer before they fly. Your pet is more likely to deal better with their anxiety without tranquilizers. Additionally, less food in the animal’s system is less likely to upset his/her digestive track making the animal feel more at ease.

    Ensuring Pet Safety: While driving in your car, try using a dog seatbelt or a barrier. Additionally, make sure not to leave your pet in the car for an extended time. Even leaving your pet in the car for a short amount of time on a hot day can be lethal. When traveling by air, try to not let your pet travel in the cargo area of a plane unless necessary. Although the cargo area is pressurized, its temperature often relates to the temperature outside the aircraft, which can be very hot or very cold.
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    Even though there are pet care tips for traveling.Its not as task to travel along with pets
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    Re: Tips for traveling safely with your pet

    wow fantastic:) thanks for sharing. This guide will help you travel safely and comfortably with your favorite pet

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    Re: Tips for traveling safely with your pet

    Yes, traveling with your pet can be a fun. Taking extra care and getting informed while reading these kind of posts is really helpful.
    For safety of your dog, buckle him or her into a special pet seat belt. Protect our pet's eyes and ears while traveling.

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    Re: Tips for traveling safely with your pet

    Keep your pets safe and secure in a well-ventilated crate or carrier. There are a variety of wire mesh, hard plastic and soft-sided carriers available. Whatever you choose, make sure it's large enough for your pet to stand, sit, lie down and turn around in. And P.S., it's smart to get your pet used to the carrier in the comfort of your home before your trip.



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